Thursday, January 25, 2007

your new best friend

The CVS Extra Care Card.

Embrace it. It is AMAZING.

If you're like my mother, who goes to CVS 2-3 times a week, or myself, who goes there nearly everyday, this little red card is your ticket to savings. Having the Extra Care Card (we'll call it the ECC from now on) guarantees that you have access to all the sales in the store, some of which turn out to be steals. Take, for example, last week. CVS put all their Sunsilk hair products on sale for $2.99, but ONLY if you have the ECC. So you get the sale price. That's fantastic. But the rewards don't stop there.

Every couple of purchases with your ECC, you get Extra Care coupons with your receipt. And they're not lame coupons like "$2 off your next denture health purchase," they actually turn out to be good things like "Save $2 on any Jergens skin care." And every so often you get Extra Bucks which equate to money off your entire purchase.

And if you're a girl who likes her expensive hair products, you can hoard some Extra Bucks and buy your Bumble & Bumble (which, though expensive, is awesome)

or Paul Mitchell shampoo. It may only add up to a $5 or $6 savings, but these kind of things add up. That's $6 more that you have to spend at the bar on Friday night!

And contrary to popular belief, there is NO SHAME in using coupons.

CVS: 231 Mass Ave., 240 Newbury St., 587 Boylston St.

Go to to locate the store closest to you.

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