Monday, March 26, 2007

onlne shopping...if you're into that kind of thing

I must admit, when it comes to online shopping, my purchases are basically limited to textbooks. I also bought a backpack that I liked and couldn't find in any of the six stores I went to. I've never been big on shopping online for clothes, shoes or accessories. To me, the fun in shopping is bracing yourself for a day of store hopping, or happening into a store on your lunch break. Where is the fun in sitting at your computer in your skivvies when you could be out and about, trying things on, finding a fantastic bargain buried at the back of a clearance rack, and people-watching?

Plus, sizing is so tricky, especially for a girl like me (and billions of other gals out there), that you run the risk of buying something online only to find that it doesn't fit, or worse, makes you look like you're about to drop twins.

That being said, check out

The site offers the best designer clothing, shoes and accessories for a discounted price, sometimes up to half off! For example, check out this Vera Wang dress, marked down to $297 (from a whopping $650!) It's still very expensive, but only half as expensive as it should be. If you have money to burn and like to wear only the best, Bluefly is great. I've never actually bought anything from Bluefly, but I like to look on the site occasionally and see what they have, just for kicks.

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