Friday, March 2, 2007

patience, my children.

Perfect example of why you should wait for end-of-season sales.

A few months ago, I became obsessed with the idea of ankle boots. And why shouldn't I? They're perfect: they look good with pants (nobody knows that they're not full-length boots), and they look fantastic with a skirt or cropped pants. They're just cool. So I went on a quest to find the perfect ankle boots, but found them all to be out of my price range. I have a hard time spending $150 on knee-high boots, so I refused to spend that much on ankle boots. I put my desires on hold and decided to wait until boots went on sale at the end of the season. Best decision I ever made! (I'm being hyperbolic here, this is in no way the best decision I have ever made in my life...that would be a sad statement on my existence).

The other day I was feeling pretty energetic and walked up to Newbury to see if I could find any deals. I stopped into Aldo and hit the jackpot. Sale on all boots. And not just a sale, an AMAZING sale.

I found the ankle boots I have been coveting for the last four months, marked down to $49! Man, was I happy. Now I just have to start feeling better so I can get out and show them off.

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