Wednesday, April 4, 2007

shut up!

I know I have been totally delinquent in posting lately. In my defense, I've been working a lot. I've also been spending every free moment watching "What Not to Wear." I know, I lead a sad, sad existence. I'm over it.

In watching this fantastic show obsessively, I've developed something of a girl crush on Stacy London, one of the co-hosts. And now she has her own talk show on TLC. Normally I HATE the fact that everyone thinks they can host a talk show (Hello, Rachael Ray), but I think this one is going to be so good! It's on Fridays at 10pm...which means I basically will be staying in on Fridays for the forseeable future.

A note on What Not to Wear. Although the pieces they select are usually pretty expensive, because TLC is footing the bill, its a great show to watch to get ideas on outfits and accesory pieces. And it's pretty funny, too.

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