Tuesday, February 6, 2007

if i lived in chicago, i'd totally stalk her...

I have no problem admitting that I am totally not tech-savvy; the fact that I have photos in some of my blog posts is a miracle in and of itself.

My favorite blog, The Trixie, puts my blog skills to shame.

For anyone who knows of Tucker Max, The Trixie is Tucker's ex-girlfriend Bunny's sister. For those who don't know of Tucker Max, forget you read that last sentence. The Trixie is a 30-year-old woman living and blogging in Chicago. And she is fabulous. Just look at her masthead and tell me you don't love her. Do it. I dare you.

She's a fashion lover, like me. And she loves bargain shopping, like me. But she blogs about everything from food to fashion to fitness to celebrity gossip. And because of her status on the periphery of "celebrity" (aka Tucker Max), she has quite a following.

Her Holiday Gift Guide was cute, and I enjoy her short posts, like the one she wrote today:

We may have below zero temps here in Chicago, but my BPA's are keeping me warm. Bitchin'. Prada. Aviators.


Now, I know what you're thinking. Why should I care about the musings of a woman eight years older than me, living in a different city, state and time zone?

I'll tell you why. She's witty. She's funny. She's fluff and a nice break from academia.

So check her out!

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