Thursday, February 22, 2007


Fake Louis Vuitton sighting: Monday on the Orange Line to Oak Grove.
And it was a bad fake. Ugh. This is bargain shopping at its worst. Plus, I read somewhere that the profits from knockoffs fund illegal activities of varying kinds.


Thumbing through the pages of the March issue of InStyle, I came across a page that opened my eyes and made me smile. In the "Style File" section, the focus was how to wear black & white. The front page of the section had an amazing patent leather bag next to a pair of very adorable wedge sandals. The bag: by PHI, $295. The shoes: by PAYLESS, $20. A pair of Payless shoes paired with a 300 dollar bag? I LOVE IT. I'm glad that fashion bible magazines like InStyle recognize that the average girl doesn't have money to throw around. It's fantastic.


I was reading Business Week about a month ago (my father gets it and I've really started to enjoy reading it) and there was a story about Chanel Global CEO Maureen Chiquet. What I liked about her is the fact that she started in modest fashion roots to become the "global head of one of the world's paramount--and secretive--luxury brands."

Girlfriend worked at the Gap. What? So anyone who thinks that they're better than you because they can afford Chanel, just know that Chanel's Global CEO and one of the most influential people in the high fashion industry was once a Gap trainee. She folded shirts and cleaned the fitting rooms. That's right.

Everybody's got to start somewhere!

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